Our Instructors

Master Shaikh


Chief Instructor and founder of Pure Krav Maga London, taught and certified by Boaz.  With over 18 years of experience within the protection field, Master Shaikh focuses on developing students "gut feelings" in dealing with threats.

Senior Chief Instructor Mo


Chief Instructor Mo, or "Big Mo" as Master Shaikh likes to call him, has a wealth of experience in Krav Maga, MMA,  Escrima and Kali self defence systems.  Big Mo was one of the first students to meet the requirements for becoming an instructor and has lead a number of intensive sessions. 

Senior Instructor Mohammed


Senior Instructor Mohammed has vast experience in teaching Pure Krav Maga, conducted over a thousand public, private and intensive sessions. Known for his detailed technical knowledge within techniques, nothing gets passed him. 

He is also the lead coach for Pure Krav Maga UCL (University College London).    

Instructor Sumer


Instructor Sumer has a extensive experience of Wing Chun and was one of the first students with Pure Krav Maga London.  Known for his finishing moves, Instructor Sumer always likes to  throw in the last strike.

Instructor Leah


Our newest edition to the team and shows that sizes or strength is not an issue, Instructor Leah qualified at break neck speed, within the shortest time period, by attending up to 6 sessions a week.

Instructor Sam


Instructor Sam was one of the earlier students to fulfil the requirements to become an instructor. Strong, fast and agile, instructor Sam is known for his fitness, smooth executions of techniques and supporting students to achieve their potential.

Always smiling, Instructor Sam teaches students to execute techniques with efficiency and speed.