Our classes



Southgate Leisure Centre (North London)

Sunday: 11.00-12.30pm

Anytime Fitness (South London)

Raynes Park

Sunday: 2.00pm-3.00pm

Kevan Church Hill Baptist Church (North London)

Monday: 7.00 - 8.00pm


PAYG £15

Paid in advance

10 consecutive Sunday Session: £120

10 consecutive weeks (both sessions): £200

We don't charge membership fees, but after your first session, you are required to be insured. We can insure you with British Combat Association for only £16 which will cover you for the entire year.

One to One


Our one to one sessions are very popular for students who are limited with time or wish to learn techniques in a condensed form or to supplement the learnings from public classes.   One to one session can be held at our class locations or within individuals home, offices or private gyms. Get in touch to discuss your needs. Our hourly rates: 

Senior Instructors: 

£100 per hour 

£85 per hour for 4 sessions paid in advance. 


£85 per hour

£65 per hour for 4 sessions paid in advance. 



Our Group sessions are often booked to accommodate a  number of students that wish to learn together and reduce the costs, they have also been used for management development, team-building, intense learning and / or learning specific techniques. Sessions are tailored to meet the groups learning requirements. 

Senior Instructors: 

£160 per hour for up to ten students.


£110 per hour for up to ten students.

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Intensive Courses


One day seminars cover specific techniques intensively:

Hand to hand combat.

Knife survial

Blunt weapons


Ground work

Contact us for more information

Bush and Field Craft Training


Our two day Bush Craft courses cover skills needed for survival in the field.  You will learn how to build a shelter, fire, collect water and survive in the wilderness.

Contact us for more information

Firearms Training


We provide 'Live' firearms training at facilities based in UK.

Contact us for more information.