Live Firearms

One thing that makes Pure Krav Maga (PKML) training different from all the others is that we offer “live firearms” training within the UK.

Our weapons instructors are all either ex-military or ex-police firearms instructor

Indoor & Outdoor

We train students on the correct use of a variety of weapons including Glock 17 9mm, Smith & Wesson .45 automatic, long and short barrel .38 revolvers. 

We train indoors, outdoors, undertaking static and moving drills, in order to fully equipment students in proper use of weapons. Some of the armament’s at our disposal. 

Fire Power

Pictured guns: pump action 12 bore shotguns, SLR (L1A1), M4, M16, AK74 and Lee Enfield .303. Below the KPOS which is fitted with a Glock 17. 

The KPOS is designed for professional and tactical teams, used by S.W.A.T. teams and close protection personal defence teams. 


Please note: To take part in live weapons training you will need to complete a disclosure form which is then registered with the police for a police check. 

If you have any criminal convictions you will not be able to take part in live firearms training.