Pure Krav Maga Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we've been asked before, if there is something else you want to ask, get in touch!

What do I need to bring on my first session?

A bottle of water (or other rehydrating fluid) is a must! Drinking water throughout the session is expected and encouraged. A towel to wipe your sweat off is also a good idea.

What do I need to wear?

A simple t-shirt, jogging bottoms or trousers along with comfortable trainers is all you need to get yourself going, but if attending on a regular basis you are encouraged to wear the official Pure Krav Maga London T-shirt, available for purchase from our instructors.

Do I need to be super fit to join in?

At Pure Krav Maga London, our ethos is developing students physically and mentally.  You don't need to be an Olympic gold medalist to join in, you need to have a desire to learn.   We all have different fitness levels and therefore we ask each student to train as hard as they can, we will push and encourage all students to work through their own mental walls of fitness.  We want you to get the best out of each session, Krav Maga is not about being super fit or strong.
Sessions are fairly laid back with a friendly atmosphere, if students need to take a break then so be it, no pressure or ill feeling.

Do I need previous martial arts, military or combat sport experience to join in?

None at all, in fact the least you know the better it is for the instructors teaching you, as they are not having to spend time unlearning the learning you done in other forms. The concepts within Pure Krav Maga and Self Defence is its simplicity, ease of learning and effectiveness, that's why we teach it!

Do I need any specialised equipment or training gear?

No specialised equipment is needed to train, but again if you’re looking to train with us on a regular basis, students are advised to purchase arm, shin and groin guards along with grappling gloves (which we can source for you). All other equipment needed will be provided for by Pure Krav Maga London  at each lesson.

What will I learn and how quickly will I be able to pick techniques up?

Our Krav Maga syllabus covers a multitude of threats including hand to hand combat, edged and blunt weapons defences, as well as sticks, bottles, ground work and guns. We hope that you retain information on technique being taught from lesson one, but we all learn in our own unique way, your instructor's role is to get the best out of you, using the most effective learning method suited to your needs.

Are the instructors any good?

Unlike other Krav Maga organistions, we don't allow anyone to become an instructor.  We value quality or quantity and pride ourselves on selecting individuals that not only know technique but can teach it as well.  Our learning process for instructors is a 3 pronged approach, with assessments and testing over a minimum of 2 years, before a final 3 day test.  

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, some students prefer learning on a one to one or small group basis to fit around busy schedules. Prices start at £85 per session.   Gift vouchers for Christmas gifts, Birthday's or other events can also be purchased.