Original Methods

Within Pure Krav Maga London (PKML) we use only the original and true form of KRAV MAGA as developed by IMI LICHTENFELD and taught at the WINGATE INSTITUTE Netanya, Israel. 

Our source for this specialised training is Boaz Aviram, who was a former Chief Instructor of Krav Maga in the IDF and who was awarded the title of ‘Top’ Chief Instructor of the IDF by Col. David Ben Asher. For more information on Boaz click here…

At Pure Krav Maga London (PKML) the club only use practised and tested methods by the IDF, all other methods discarded by the IDF but still used by other clubs have been stripped from our syllabus including all sports elements to ensure we only use the original IDF Krav Maga.

Our aim is to equip students as soon as possible to defend themselves against the most common attacks. Once the student has mastered these techniques more difficult scenarios are addressed to build a support system that will enable the student to deal with almost any situation. 

By teaching concepts through techniques students are taught how to read a situation and react/respond accordingly, even if they’ve not experienced the exact same thing in training. Giving students the ability to improvise is an important element of our training.

All Pure Krav Maga London (PKML) Instructors have been certified by Boaz Aviram Former Israeli Defence Forces Fighting Fitness Krav Maga Chief Instructor in direct lineage from Imi Lichtenfeld and Eli Avikzar.

Pure Krav Maga London (PKML) Training

At Pure Krav Maga London (PKML) students are taught how to use their existing bodies to execute effective defensive and combative moves, across a number of circumstances. Students learn to prioritize their thinking and deal with the most imminent danger first, be it striking at various pressure points, defending against punches, kicks or weapons and remaining safe.

Developing students ability and confidence in dealing with a multiple range of situations are taught from the very first lesson.

Students learn to identify, which part of the opponent’s body, would encroach the defender’s territory first. Territory pertains to a distance, few steps away from one’s body. When an opponent crosses that line the student cannot afford to wait any longer, Krav Maga develops the students ability to not only effectively block an attack, but to also execute an attack back based on the best option available.